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Roger Mandel and Scott Jeeves have joined together to form what is one of the premier plaintiffs’ class action firms in the country.  Operating out of its Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas office as Jeeves Mandel Law Group and its Florida offices as Jeeves Law Group, the firm represents individuals and small businesses nationally against major corporations which have violated the law, engaged in deceptive practices or fraud, or breached contracts or warranties.  Roger and Scott’s many years of successful class action experience evens out the playing field for the little guy when he or she takes on the giant corporation.

In fact, class actions are designed for exactly that purpose. In a class action, a handful of individuals or even one person can sue on behalf of thousands or even millions of people who have been injured by the same wrongful corporate conduct.  This allows corporations to be held accountable when they have injured large numbers of people which would result in dollar amount settlements too small to justify individual suits.

Roger MandelMr. Mandel has successfully prosecuted class action suits nationwide for over 25 years. These cases include such categories as Consumer, Insurance, Securities, ERISA, Breach of Fiduciary Duties and Financial suits. Roger’s passion is helping ordinary people achieve justice against the abuse of large corporations.

Mr. Mandel obtained judgment (following summary judgment and jury trial) against the Dallas County Community College District on behalf of a class of current and former students because of the District’s persistent charging of a technology fee that the trial court found was not authorized by state law. This is one of only two class-action cases known by Mr. Mandel to have been tried and won in the Texas state courts.

Mr. Mandel won a settlement in a nationwide class-action suit against Sears, Roebuck & Co. on behalf of a class of almost four million customers. As a result of this settlement, Sears was compelled to install, free of charge, anti-tip brackets to prevent tipping of its freestanding electric and gas ranges that had frequently caused severe burns, crushing injuries and even death. Those customers, who had already paid to have anti-tip brackets installed at their own expense, received reimbursement. Furthermore, Sears agreed to install anti-tip brackets on all new ranges it sold for at least the following three years. It is now believed by Mr. Mandel that this is now the permanent practice of Sears when they install new appliances. In effect, by compelling a recall, this settlement actually secured better relief than likely could have been obtained through a trial and accomplished what the Consumer Product Safety Commission refused to do for more than twenty years.

Another of Mr. Mandel’s cases involved prosecution of a nationwide suit on behalf of a class of 401(k) plan participants against their investment provider, Nationwide Insurance, for accepting unethical payments from mutual fund companies in order for their funds to be offered as investment options in the Nationwide plans. This settlement is thought to be one of the three largest ERISA settlements in US history.

Scott R. JeevesScott Jeeves has been counsel or co-counsel on many successful consumer class action cases during the past 25 years. Mr. Jeeves believes that class action cases are one of the tools afforded consumers in order to right the wrongs done by companies nearly every day. He has successfully taken on automobile dealerships, insurance companies, banks, and other big corporations on behalf of wrongfully harmed consumers.

One case, Horneland v. US Bank, was a residential homeowner whose mortgage was owned and serviced by U.S. Bank, N.A. The bank wrongfully failed to promptly apply mortgage loan prepayments of principal to its consumers’ accounts. Mr. Jeeves and the team worked to get a judgement in favor of the plaintiff and class members and as a result, US Bank has amended their practices.

Allen v. Healthport Technologies, LLC (also known as CIOX Technologies, LLC) was a case involving Florida Administrative Code rules where the defendant was overcharging for furnishing copies of patient medical records requested by the patient and/or the patient’s legal representative. As a result, HealthPort/CIOX owed restitution and interest to the plaintiffs and class members.

In addition to these cases, Scott Jeeves has handled many class action cases and multi-plaintiff consumer lawsuits such cases as Galura v. Sonic Automotive and MRI Associates v. Progressive. Mr. Jeeves is honored to have represented consumers by holding big corporations accountable. Without class representatives willing to hold big corporations accountable for malicious actions done to themselves and others, change would not be possible. Standing up for the rights of those who were wronged by companies’ indifference, is one of Mr. Jeeves true passions.

Mr. Jeeves enjoys working as co-counsel with lawyers who are willing to take on the big corporations.

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